Fabulous non Grata Recap

10 Jan

Friday night was Gastro non Grata‘s huge blowout at Fabulous Catering, and I’ve only just begun to catch up on sleep. For non-Minneapolitan readers, Gastro non Grata is an event that takes place a couple times a year at venues throughout Minneapolis and beyond. It pretty much combines everything cool into one not-so-neat package: sweet art, crazy music, and amazing beer and food. I work with them, which means that I work the merch table and help with decorations in exchange for PBRs.

This time, the ladies at Fabulous Catering supplied us with a huge, 6-room space and tons of food, including grass-fed beef chili, a satay bar, chips & salsa, desserts, and hors d’oeuvres. The salsas came in three varieties: tomatillo, “red,” and mango (definitely the best of the three). There was also an amazing chipotle gouda queso fundido made with PBR. Unnngh. On the aesthetic front, Joe really decked out with space with sheets and thangs that were really reminiscent of my mom’s bedroom/highschool prom. Not necessarily a bad thing, really.

The showstopper, though, was the polar patio, which was carved out by the Fab caterers’ relatives. Though the idea seemed kind of counter-intuitive to me (sit on ice… outside??), it wasn’t as crazy and I thought. Once the bonfire got going, it started to make a lot more sense.

There were about 300 or so people there, or at least it seemed like it. I spent about half the time sitting at the merch table; the other half, grabbing what bits of food I could. To be honest, the the bands didn’t figure into the event as significantly as usual, so I can’t remember much of what they were about. I do remember that Dark Dark Dark are all super-skinny and freaked me out.

I had to bounce early because I was actually falling asleep at the table, but I wish I could have stayed longer. The good vibes at the event were contagious, and there was nary a complaint aired. One thing, though, is that I wish the palm reader had stayed longer! I wanted to find out when I’d die :(

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